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" The benefits of working with Eve are having a kind, non-judgemental, compassionate, practical and supportive person to talk things over with each week. Since working with Eve, my life has improved immeasurably! Not least, learning how to take care of my self through self-care routines, identifying and asking for reasonable adjustments, helping me to process my thoughts and feelings, providing encouragement, reassurance and reflection, supporting me to identify and then take self-supporting actions " - Marina King, Specialist Mentor 

" I have been attending Eve's stoicism group for the past 6 months and it has been truly life changing. Before starting I had been intrigued by Stoicism as a philosophy and way of life, however,  I was consistently put off and intimidated by the academic side of it. Eve has the natural ability to make learning accessible and fun. She is humble and humorous in her  approach and manages to create a safe and inviting space within the group for us to share and learn. I feel so grateful to have met her and am consistently inspired by her grace and presence when discussing her own experiences whilst being a support and mentor to us all " - Charlotte Leighton, group attendee

" I’ve found talking to Eve to be incredibly useful. Not having anyone to get advice from, or talk things through with, being able to talk to Eve allowed me to explore my thoughts and ideas with someone I knew wasn’t going to judge me "


" I’ve been working with Eve for a while now and she’s really understanding and patient. Working with Eve has really stabilised my mental health and it’s really helpful to have someone to talk to openly and honestly about things. I look forward to continuing our work together " -

Communications Administrator


" Eve was able to give useful practical tips and feedback that enabled me to engage with issues more effectively "

" Discussing issues with someone who understood the way I saw the world made all the difference " - S

"We were so happy with the training Eve delivered for us on working with neurodiversity. for our NHS Talking Therapies (IAPT) service. Eve delivered an hour-long training for one of our training days and elicited an overwhelmingly positive response. Feedback from the team included "Inspiring", "Eve spoke so knowledgeably about this important topic”, and "I will try to use these ideas the next time  I work with someone who may be neurodiverse"   (NHS  Talking Therapies (IAPT) Service)


"Having worked with Eve over the last three years, including developing the materials for and delivering international Stoic Week with her, I have been so impressed with her rare combination of knowledge, energy and the ability to get things done, well. " Tim LeBon (Author, accredited psychotherapist, and co-facilitator of Stoic Week)

"Eve combines a remarkable degree of insight and empathy with an encyclopaedic knowledge of her various subjects and has many years’ experience of delivering practical support to an unusually wide range of people. Her knowledge and experience extends well beyond the usual client groups to encompass all aspects of neurodivergence: autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia etc. She initiated, led, and delivered a comprehensive staff wellbeing programme for us at ASM, and has been a skilled facilitator of external training and change management programmes (including, crucially, cultural change). I have learned a great deal from her, both as a colleague and as a friend."

David Perkins

Director, AS Mentoring Ltd

"Working with Eve has been transformational.  She's understood and interpreted my experience in a way that no one else has been capable of."


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