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I’m a mentor and coach working across Psychology, Stoicism, Life Coaching and disability employment support. Learning to live a good life myself despite the challenges I face as a registered blind / severely sight impaired person, has been an immensely powerful teacher.


I’m passionate about helping people live fulfilled and happy lives. To achieve this I draw on techniques from Psychology, Philosophy and a host of other training and life experiences, to provide a bespoke service that focuses on the individual needs of each client. I have a background in nutrition, personal training, and other areas of life management including being a trained stop smoking advisor. Whether you're facing challenges in relationships, managing your self-care or your career, I can help you to discover your strengths in a confidential setting where you will feel free to be yourself.


I also run a monthly Stoicism online learning group and research project as part of Modern Stoicism, where I am on the steering committee. I’m an advisor to the Aurelius Foundation.


As an employment consultant I deliver corporate solutions including stress management, self-care for home working, equality and inclusion, and managing neurodiversity at work.



I look forward to meeting you. 

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