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I’m an Autism / Neurodivergence / Disability Mentor, Life-Coach and Employment Consultant specialising in wellbeing at work. 

I support people of all ages across a range of settings, including working with individuals, couples, families, businesses, and other organisations. 

I am an advisor to the Aurelius Foundation and on the Steering Committee of Modern Stoicism where I run ‘Stoic Week’ with Tim LeBon; a free course in wellbeing that is enjoyed by thousands of people every year. I also help write and run a Stoicism based programme aimed at teens, which is focused on fostering resilience and helping young people to thrive.
I’m a director of Stoicare, an international non-profit that focuses on Stoicism as a support to people in the caring professions. 

As the organiser of Norwich Psychology and London Stoics, I arrange both online and in-person events. I love running with a sighted guide and am currently making a film about the
experience of running for people who, like me, are registered blind / severely sight impaired.

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