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Charlotte Leighton

Team Profile


Charlotte has spent more than ten years working in the autism field as a mentor and manager of adult services in both the public and private sector. She specialises in providing training on neurodiversity tocorporate organisations in addition to workplace support and advice for individuals and employers. This experience has been honed through her employment consultancy work at AS Mentoring and her previous role as a trainer at The National Autistic Society. She is currently the Adult Service Manager at Resources for Autism in Barnet. Charlotte has previously worked for HAIL in Haringey for two years managing a social enterprises staffed entirely by employees with learning disabilities and/or autism. In addition, she has worked as an Appropriate Adult supporting vulnerable individualswhile in police custody.



For the past ten years Charlotte has confidently designed and delivered a range of social skills groups, workshops and provided post diagnosis support for autistic adults and currently runs awomen's only group in her spare time. Charlotte is able to support individuals emotionally as well as practically as she holds certificates in PersonCentred counselling and a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

Charlotte is able to support individuals to understand, accept and embrace their diagnosis.

''As a neurodiverse person, myself (I have been diagnosed with dyspraxia) I can understand the struggle that the working life can feel at times. Yet the right workplace, management style and role makes all the difference. I can support people to advocate for themselves, working collaboratively with their employer to implement adjustments that can make an enormous difference so that they can truly thrive.''

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